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While continued vaccine progress provides optimism for a 2021 profits recovery, large valuation implies that buyers are already pricing in optimistic future outcomes, and typically the potential for disappointment remains to be high. COVID-19 has expanded the need for daily connectivity, mobility and just about all things internet. Emerging Oriental economies including China, Korea and Taiwan should end up being leaders to start the season, with recoveries in The european countries and Japan timed for the distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine. Absolute levels regarding growth will stay modest, showing demographic headwinds that continue to be a major factor for the economies.

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Corporate bond yields compared to Treasury yields have fallen, and will likely fall further, leading to continued outperformance relative to Treasuries. Treasury bond yields have begun rising but should remain low by historical comparisons. We anticipate the Fed will keep its policy rate near zero through 2022 and may expand its asset purchase program. Rising growth and inflation expectations may push longer-term bond yields somewhat higher, but rates are unlikely to return near historical averages any time soon.

Work from home arrangements may become permanent for many employees. Additionally, an exodus of inhabitants out of many major cities appears to be underway.

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Treasury bonds provide important portfolio diversification, but low and rising yields indicate there are better opportunities elsewhere to enhance yield and performance. Foreign equities’ valuation, or the price investors are willing to pay for anticipated earnings, is elevated relative to history.

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These two shifts are negatively affecting the office and apartment market in the urban core of most large cities. Municipal bonds provide a valuable source of non-taxable income. Improving sales and income tax revenue forecasts and near-term expense management flexibility paired with improving investor expectations should drive strong municipal bond performance. We anticipate this trend will continue until incremental tax-equivalent yields fall closer to historical lows. Until then, we favor incurring slightly more credit risk than normal to generate extra income and favorable return potential versus Treasuries. Large companies have raised a record amount of debt this year at the cheapest rates on record. Low corporate defaults rates in recent months provide evidence that high cash balances resulting from debt issuance are boosting companies’ ability to weather short-term pandemic-related challenges.